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Hair Loss in Women Turkey

Hair Loss in Women

Although there is a perception that baldness and excessive hair loss are more common in men, in fact, hair loss in women is also a common problem. The type of hair loss known as male pattern hair loss is a problem that can be seen frequently in women. Unfortunately, this problem, which occurs as a result of genes and disrupted hormones in women, cannot be completely prevented.

Although the problem of hair loss in men and women is similar, it is caused by different reasons. The causes of hair loss can be listed as follows.

Advice to women experiencing hair loss!

Hair Loss in WomenRecommendations for women experiencing hair loss!

  • Vitamin D, copper and zinc deficiency
  • Low intake of protein, which is mostly found in meat and meat products
  • Covering the hair with objects that cover the head, such as bonnets, scarves, hats
  • Hair tied very tightly from above
  • Hormonal imbalances that usually occur in women after the age of 30
  • Pregnancy and beyond
  • Entering the menopause period
  • Extreme emotional and physical violence
  • Birth control pills
  • Some pills that should be used continuously
  • Scalp diseases that can develop due to lack of air in the hair. Such as scalp psoriasis, alopecia, fungus.
  • Inability to feed the hair as a result of sudden weight loss or shock diets

Hair loss is more common in women due to long hair. Although not as obvious as men, spills are very common. Sometimes this problem even goes to baldness. Just like in men, early diagnosis is very important. In this way, the problem can be prevented in a short time.

Hair loss in women and its treatment

For the treatment of hair loss, a specialist should be consulted. Natural hair care masks applied in most places, creams that prevent hair loss or shampoos produced to restore the old health of hair do not give the same results for everyone. For this, in such problems, it is necessary to consult a specialist doctor and determine the cause of hair loss with personalized analyzes. After the determination of this cause, the factors affecting the shedding should be eliminated and finally, the old healthy hair should be given back to the person with the most appropriate method.

Post spill

The problem of hair loss experienced by women can progress to serious consequences, even baldness, as in men. This situation, which is used by men, cannot be accepted by a woman. For this reason, in case of thinning and sparse hair, a doctor should be consulted and treatment should be started immediately. First of all, this problem, which is supported by shampoo, lotion and creams, generally ends with these methods in women.