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Hair Loss Stop – How Long Does Hair Loss Stop?

First of all, it should be learned why the hair is falling out. If hair loss has started, after the reasons for this are learned, treatments should be started accordingly. Accordingly, there is no specific time to stop loss. In addition, treatment begins according to the causes of loss. In other words, when the loss stops, it varies accordingly.

How Long Does Hair Loss StopHow Long Does Hair Loss Last?

Generally, if your hair loss is seasonal, it starts at the end of summer and continues for one and a half months. In general, people are affected by it psychologically as well as physically. Just like in nature, hair starts to grow and revive in spring. After this process, this process ends with the cooling of the weather in September. While the hair that has expired is shedding, new hair cannot grow that fast because it is outside of the summer months. This cycle is perfectly normal and natural. In a week or two everything will be back to normal.

How is Hair Loss Prevented?

Those who are most disturbed by hair loss are men. But at the same time, men are the luckiest in this regard. Because in men, shedding is seen for only one reason, and it is genetic. The solution to this loss, which is seen in almost 95% of men, and the loss period are both very short and easy.

In women, this problem can unfortunately be caused by more than one reason. First of all, it is determined clearly why the hair is shed. In women, shedding due to genetic reasons is 50%. Likewise, iron deficiency appears from pregnancy, hormonal changes or excessive stress.


In addition to hair loss, there are also people who have reached the level of baldness. Unfortunately, baldness has no solution. In people who have experienced baldness for at least 3 years, new hair does not grow due to the death of hair follicles. The only remedy for bald people is to have a hair transplant, which is fashionable today. However, since hair transplantation requires a lot of money at these times, precautions should be taken in advance as a remedy for loss and baldness.

If hair loss could not be stopped and resulted in baldness, HAIR-MED offers you hair transplant solutions. Our transplantation technique is the FUE method.