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Is Anesthesia Performed in Hair Transplantation?

Is Anesthesia Performed in Hair Transplantation? Let’s answer the question. Hair loss is the most common health problem of today. The most suitable and most preferred treatment method for hair loss is hair transplantation. We call it hair transplant treatment because, contrary to what has been mentioned, hair transplant is a process that requires a lot of attention and experience. Considering the logic, hair transplantation consists of transferring the hair follicles taken from the area where the hair is dense to the places where the hair is shed or thinned.

Is Anesthesia Performed in Hair TransplantationIs anesthesia performed in hair transplantation?

Although it sounds easy, the hair transplantation process is a period that requires a lot of attention and must be carried out meticulously. If we say meticulousness, we are talking about meticulousness in every sense. Everything from the person applying the treatment to the attitude of the patient’s relatives affects the healing process of the patient. When describing hair transplantation, the word “painless” is always used. In other words, the reason why fasting is painless is the anesthesia applied to the patient. This anesthesia applied is also one of the issues to be considered. That’s why it’s the most important. Although it is used in most treatment methods, it requires a lot of attention and training.

Be very careful about anesthesia!

In the application of medicine called anesthesia, a medical procedure is performed on the body. It aims to ensure that the patient does not feel pain. It is applied to the individual in many different ways. And the application of anesthesia should definitely be done by people who have received the training of the relevant subject and have a diploma, in parallel with the values ​​of the individual. There are many hair transplant companies in the market. Many of these found companies unconsciously apply anesthetic methods and victimize people who come to their doors with a thousand hopes.

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Hair transplantation cannot be done without anesthesia. Regional anesthesia, called local, is used in hair transplantation. It is applied to the places where the roots will be placed as well as the places where the roots will be provided. In this way, the patient does not feel any pain. However, we state again that this method is a medical intervention and is quite dangerous. As you can understand that too much of it causes serious health problems, too little of it causes unbearable distress to the patient. For this reason, choose a reliable institution as much as possible for hair transplantation. They say that cheap meat stew is inedible, even if you pay a bit of money, never risk your health. You have become conscious about anesthesia in hair transplantation, now you can have perfect hair by taking the necessary precautions.