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hair transplantation antalya turkey

Hair Transplant

Let’s give information about hair transplant. It is quite easy to find many articles on the Internet in this area, and some reviews of people who have had the operation. But the internet also serves the purposes of some malicious people to deceive you. We recommend that you do not forget about this issue. When you see such comments on some forums or websites, you should not believe it right away. You should definitely check how many questions were asked to the person who wrote it. In the meantime, we do not think that they will give you as serious and detailed information as our licensed and specialist physicians. Anyone who appreciates your health and the money you spend should learn this business from an expert. He must understand the importance of searching sterile clinics on web sites, corporate identity, meeting with doctors on the phone or face to face.

hair transplant antalya turkeyAbout hair loss!

Hair loss is actually a condition that should be accepted. Because human hair sheds 100-150 strands per day. The poor quality of the hair care products you use, extremely hot weather accelerate hair loss. You should wash your hair with extremely hot water. If you want to say “Stop” to hair loss, you can reach all the information from us from a to z. There is something we want to tell you about this. Please do not hesitate to ask us questions.

How is hair transplant performed with the FUE method?

Know that the risk of infection in the next stage after hair transplantation is almost non-existent. In case of some minor pain, you should apply antibiotic treatment. In this way, let’s say that you can get rid of such negative effects in a short time. Hair transplantation was performed using the FUE method and your hair needs to be washed. It is usually done after 48 hours. Application by the physician is an important point for you. Let’s point out the points you need to be careful about in the first 10 days, you can wash your hair every day after 15 days, some hair may come to your hand after hair transplantation, and these are partially broken. However, your hair will regain its regular form after 8 months. It is natural to have fractures in the first 3 weeks. But after a few months, you will be able to realize that your hair stays with you so that it will never fall out. Finally, we do hair transplantation with the FUE method in Turkey Antalya. Our company has been serving its patients with decades of experience. We also do beard, mustache, eyelash and eyebrow transplantation.