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Is Anesthesia Performed in Hair Transplantation?

Is Anesthesia Performed in Hair Transplantation? Let’s answer the question. Hair loss is the most common health problem of today. The most suitable and most preferred treatment method for hair loss is hair transplantation. We call it hair transplant treatment because, contrary to what has been mentioned, hair transplant is a process that requires a lot of attention and experience.

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How Long Does Sheet Weaving Stop?

Hair Loss Stop – How Long Does Hair Loss Stop?

First of all, it should be learned why the hair is falling out. If hair loss has started, after the reasons for this are learned, treatments should be started accordingly. Accordingly, there is no specific time to stop loss. In addition, treatment begins according to the causes of loss. In other words, when the loss stops, it varies accordingly. How

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Antalya Hair Transplantation Center – Hair, Beard, Mustache, Eyebrow and Eyelash Transplantation

Antalya Hair Transplantation Center

Antalya is the city where we have a hair transplant. We plant hair, beard, mustache, eyebrow and eyelashes in Antalya. We work with the FUE technique. This technique we use is painless and fast. Want a holiday-like treatment? Contact us!